My boyfriend and I recently came to the realization that Zaphod is, to be frank, fat and lazy. To make things worse, he's putting on his winter weight and now has Winnie-the-Pooh-like troubles. Getting stuck in small spaces, that whole thing. 
So, the logical explanation was to get him a buddy. Maybe burn off some of that chunkiness. 
Of course there was, at the time we decided this, many wonderful little ferret-babies at my place of work, but I was adamant on adopting. 
Time past and we could not schedule an adoption day with the shelter I volunteer at. Sicknesses, busy work schedules, and little things kept popping up and delaying us. 

Then I received a call from a friend and fellow ferret owner. "Are you still looking for a friend for Zaphod?" 
Uh oh. 
She and her mother, the two family members interested in ferrets, were giving theirs up due to lack of time to commit to their little fuzz-butt. It happens. 
So the plan: bus to their house with a ferret in tow so the two could play. Or, bite each other's brains out, depending on if they got along. Ferrets are weird. 
After a very awkward bus ride (everyone stares at you when you've got a pet carrier), Zaphod and I met up with my friend. There was also a massive hill to climb. Oh, and torrential downpours. Mmm. Love it. 
At first, the two ferrets played well, and after a brief dominance-establishment (Zaphod being the instigator, as he had a good weight advantage), we decided they'd get along just fine. 
So I walked back to the bus stop in the rain, soaked, with two ferrets. While we waited for the bus and train, we talked to a lot of ex-ferret owners, people who had no idea what a ferret even was, and a security guard who used to have a pet skunk. Awesome! Zaphod was the life of the public-transit-party. 

And thus, +1 to the animal family. 
We've decided to name her Calypso. She is tiny. Like, skinny squirrel sized. She is also dark, and has the cutest little white markings oh my god. Little dot on her head, white "bib", toes, face. Uuuhhhhghcute. 
Zaphod is experiencing the "new sibling" syndrome. He's a little weirded out having to share things with another critter. He's become more anal about hiding things. He thinks he's being clever, hiding that jingly ball under the carpet... but then Calypso comes and takes it, plays with it, and has a grand ol' time with his toy. (She puts it back in his hiding place afterwards, though. He'll never know!

Despite that, he puts up with her. I think they'll make friends soon enough. 
[ In other news, still at school. Still slaving away on projects and essays. I'm also participating in NaNoWriMo, so I've been writing like a fiend. Also probably developing carpal tunnel. Mmm. Neat. 
So after school ends I'll be back in the swing of things. And by that I mean probably wasting a lot of time playing videogames I MEAN DOING PRODUCTIVE THINGS. Yep. ]


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