Or, destiny, whatever
Anyway, my aunt just sent me this little snippet from her local newspaper's adoption section. I'm in love. 
For those of you that don't understand my excitement... my boyfriend of one-and-a-half years's nickname is Stark. He's gone by Stark for ages and I knew him first as Stark before his real name. All his friends call him Stark. I have never called him by his real name. So basically my boyfriend's name is Stark
We are both in love with ferrets. (Also, my boyfriend's really pale, so "of course it's a completely white ferret." --Stark, upon seeing the snippet) 

This leads me to another interesting little factoid... 
At the ferret shelter I volunteer at, there are a good number of ferrets that have names of my friends and relatives. 
There's Marie, my mom's name, 
Pogo, the nickname my dad was given moments after birth and what all his friends call him, 
Bill, my uncle, 
Rita, my aunt, 
Jessie, my best friend, 
Crystal, another friend, 
Devon, my boyfriend's real name, and
Skittles, one of my chickens's names. 

It's like I was meant to be there or something. It's a sign. Ferrets are connected to me. I guess that means they'll always be a figure in my life. Oh well! :) 


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