Zelda and I.
Our dear little chicken, Zelda, died today. She was found in the coop with an opossum. (He must have snuck in or hidden somehow.) The other two chickens avoided conflict, but poor Zelda did not. We have had her for a few years now, and raised her from when she was a chick. There is a special kind of pain for losing an animal that you’ve watched grow up. 

As of now the opossum is still in the coop. My mother and I have decided to not kill it— it was just doing what opossums do, after all. It is not evil. We will open the coop this evening to let him go. From now on, we will take more precaution when putting the girls (chickens) to bed. 

We loved Zelda very much. She was not just a barnyard animal, but a cherished pet. She would sit on my lap as I surfed the web, watched TV, or ate breakfast on the deck. She always amused us with her goofy antics
-- she had the best personality and was very tame. We will miss her very, very much. Rest peacefully, little one. 
No predators in chicken heaven.


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