Hey people! I haven't had the creative boost to properly convey my trip to Emerald City ComiCon yet and it may never happen, but in the mean time, here's a crochet squid holding dice on a companion cube on a drawing of a sea monster. 
Just for you.
Also if you have eyes I'm sure you've noticed my new little Twitter gadget thing on the side bar. I just signed up under @ArtMaranda because Marandart was taken. I'm shaking my fist violently at you, person-who-took-my-online-alias. 
Anyway, follow me! Or don't. But it would make me happy if you did. Just saying. My well-being is wholly dependent on you following me. And stuff. 
Some images just need to exist. I believe that all artists encounter this fact at least once in their career. Sometimes a concept for a sculpture or painting is so profound that it has to be done right then, right there. 
This is what happens when I'm struck with sudden inspiration. 
This spawnin' ground ain't big enough fer the two of us...
I honestly cannot remember what possessed me to paint a sockeye salmon as a cowboy. I believe it was a multitude of factors. It may have something to do with my environmental science class final and a painting of an anthropomorphic betta fish I found on Deviant Art. Either way, I'm pretty happy with how Sockeye McGee came out. He's the baddest euryhaline* this side of Tennessee.

If you'd like a print of Sockeye McGee, send me an email, we'll talk pricing, and I'll puzzle over your art taste for weeks. 

*fish joke
Attention readers. Today, your homework is to take a walk in the woods. Take photos of beautiful things. Try to imagine what birdsong would look like as a painting. Pretend you are an insect exploring a huge world. Absorb some much-needed Vitamin Sun. Attempt to describe the color green with only words. 
Here is an example of the assignment. 
Class is now in session. ;) 
I just wanted to share some random beauty with you guys. These photos were taken in the greenbelt in my neighborhood. On either side is an elementary school and suburb, but I tried to not show them. I wanted to catch the ephemeral, simple beauty that this tiny stretch of woods has to offer. 
Next update will hopefully have some more art. Thanks for reading. ♥
Well, here I am in a new spot. Easier to find, easier to link to, and no annoying URL. Hopefully. 
All of the previous archives are still going to be at EccentricEscapade.blogspot.com, but from now on new posts will be posted here at www.marandart.com. For some reason, having my name in a URL always feels so... surreal. "Only movie stars and famous people have their own webiste!" Ooooooh! 
Anywho, expect some more updates on the site. And probably like, 10 more layout changes. (None of these premade ones seem to do it for me...) 
I'm hoping this new layout will inspire me to be more punctual with creating art, updating my blog, and stocking the Etsy. :) We'll find out!! Between this "Your Answer Wasn't Correct Enough" Biology class and my Sleep-Inducing Environmental Science class, hopefully my Internet life and art career won't be set on the shelf. Here's hoping!!