It's true! I'm going to be Livestreaming on my channel: at 4pm Washington-State-Time, which I have come to understand is Pacific Time. (I dunno. I'm bad at this. Most of my followers are my friends anyway so whatever.) 

It may or may not be a vulture with a mustache. You just never know
I, like so many other artists, have discovered Livestream. From now on, when I decide to do a new piece, I'll post word of it here first! So you can watch me do it!  At least a few days in advance. 
I think my next drawing will be during Vulture Appreciation Day, which is September 3rd. Stanley, my mustachio'd turkey vulture stuffed animal, will more than likely make an appearance. 
I just did a new painting, actually, right there on my Livestream! Here he is! 
I discovered Livestream and how freakin' easy it is to record stuff so I thought, "Ok, need something to paint, something to paint, come on, YES. MELTING DOG." Yeah I don't know either. 
Anyway, I spent the remainder of the afternoon painting this guy on Livestream. Unfortunately, I think I was doing it by myself, no one was watching, and my music was kind of drowning me out. OOPS. Live and learn I guess. 

I promise my next painting won't be all purple. Promise. 
See?! This one also has RED.
So anyway, next time I plan on painting for an audience, I will let my faithful blog followers* know beforehand. As I said earlier, mark your calendars for September 3rd. Vultures, man. Shit's gonna go down

* my parents