I’m in a bizarrely excellent mood today.

I want to invite all my friends over, give them almost-too-long almost-awkward hugs. I want to go running. I feel confidence like never before— like all the things I want to do in my life are open to me and actually accessible instead of, “Maybe one day.” I feel like a well-acted character in a quirky indie film: I’m that cool person on the bus that handles their latte like a professional sports player keeps a handle on the ball. Every flick of my wrist as I swing my backpack on is like a step in a highly-produced music video, acing the top 40 charts with ease. 

I think this mood came from two places: 

1. An upbeat indie pop/rock playlist, 

2. and thinking about what happens to my characters in the book I’m writing after the book ends. 

If you’re wondering, Ashton decides to travel. He sits on the edge of the Grand Canyon, he watches the geysers at Yellowstone, he climbs mountains and walks riverbanks until he’s had his fill of the world that he was never intended to see. 

So, I think that helped me feel this way. Extraordinary as only a fictional character can be. 

A few nights ago, I had a very cool dream. 
The setting was vague, the predominant colors were cerulean blue and shimmery yellow-green. My occupation in the dream was some sort of cross between modern artist and fish breeder. I met a beautiful woman who wanted me to breed a plecostomus catfish for her photo shoot. She needed the fish to be GIANT, as big as she was, so she could hold its fins and dance with it. 
I went to my tank and began breeding the fish. The method of this was like a copy/paste stamp-- I held a button and when I pressed the nozzle to the water, a baby pleco popped out. I eventually got the giant that she wanted.
I was an honored guest at the photo shoot. The location was a swimming pool, much deeper than it was wide, and the light shining into it with such a beauty that I cannot describe. The woman wore a silk dress of greenish yellow hues. The dress was frilly, like the fins of the plecostomus, and as she grabbed the fish's fins, she swirled and swam in beautiful sweeping motions. As they swam, many tiny baby plecostomuses came to join them, spiraling around them. 

My dreams are often this awesome, yes. :) This one stuck in my mind to the point of driving me to paint it. One Saturday evening my muse told me, "Hey, you know what's better than homework? Painting women and fish. Do it." 
And thus it was.
BUT ALAS! It is not finished! I still have to add the babies and finish the big one, not to mention clean the whole image up a bit... It feels good to do a digital painting again, though. Painter X and I are very close. Best friends. That aside, I hope to finish this piece soon. I think that it combines my love for realistic illustration AND weird animal art. Yay! 

Things this painting has taught me: learn how to paint underwater scenes. 

Now back to playing Pokemon Red for an English 126 essay... (I kid you not. More on this later.) 
(image in the banner credit: http://www.aqua-fish.net/show.php?h=petfish)