Hidey-ho there good neighbor. Time for an update. 
Lately, writing has been my outlet. If I'm doing something else besides writing, it feels strange. I should be at home writing. I just hit 30k words and I need to keep going! And if I'm not writing, I'm reading about writing. It is nice. 

For Christmas, I got The Plot Whisperer by Martha Alderson. It was recommended by Shreve Stockton, one of my favorite people, and since I didn't win her random book-giveaway-raffle, I bought it instead. (So there! Ha!) So far it is proving to be a wonderful read. Very helpful for a newbie writer like me. There is a little too much "okay now let's make a graph and some tables" for my taste, but she says that's just because I'm a right-brained writer, and that's a normal feeling. I still don't like graphs, though, even if she is right about me. Brings back too many memories of endless math classes, and even some English ones, too. 


Also under the tree for me this year was this book, The 38 Most Common Fiction Writing Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them) by Jack M. Bickham. So far I have only made about 5 of them, so that's good news. I found myself grinning when I read about a mistake I wasn't making, like describing sunsets for four paragraphs opened with the pretentious line "rosy fingers of dawn". I can sleep at night. 

Yeah, yeah, Maranda, that's nice. Writing shmiting. Get on with it
Fine, here's the ferrets being cute. 
Happy now?




I know I should change the header image, but for some reason I feel like a ferret dressed in a horrible spider costume glaring at the camera does a great job of summarizing the attitude of this blog. 
That being said, I am now 21,000 words into my new story. It's like it's writing itself, guys

Here are some character sketches just for you. I have this strange, undiagnosed neurosis that dictates I attempt to draw the main characters in my stories, regardless of whether or not I think they need to be drawn. My life is hard. 
"arm --->"
The caption reads, "why you tuck your shirt in"
"As I found myself falling into deep thought, I heard a small noise by the door. I turned to see a small envelope had been pushed under the crack in the door. I went to pick it up and on the front it read, "NO NOT DESTROY". Oh. They didn't know me very well."