Or something like that. 
Zaphod is getting into the spirit, too! 
He's totally a spider. Trust me.
How to make a ferret's costume: 
1. Obtain old sock. 
2. Cut section out of sock. 
3. Cut arm holes in sock. 
4. Haphazardly glue pompoms, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes to it. 
And BAM, instant ferret costume. 
For the five seconds I got him to wear it, I managed to snap some photos. He would often look up at me with a look that said, "Really? I thought you weren't that kind of pet owner. I mean really." Sorry dude. 

Then of course I had to take him to work to get his actual photos done. Oh girl, you lookin' fabulous! Ohh! Work it! Mmm! 

He probably hates me. 

Ahahaha "ogm nom nom"

That aside, the Halloween themed artist party at Ravenstone was faboo as ususal. The theme was technically "Day of the Dead" as in the Mexican celebrations. Most people just did silly skull things and horrible barbie mutilations. ... Mostly barbie mutilations. 
I, however, went the route of painting up an old coyote skull a friend found in the woods and gave to me. (This happens more often than I'm comfortable to admit.) Anyway, I covered it in gesso and went to town making it as Day-of-the-Dead-y as possible. 
The monarch butterfly is included because the Aztecs believed the insects were the reincarnated souls of lost ones. I think the skull piece would be so lost without it! 
Hippy Hill-O-Green!
Just as the title says: blog-worthy sketches. LET IT BEGIN. 
In one of my classes, we're forced to be depressed by reading about how terrible wars are and LOOK, CHILDREN DURING WARTIME DRAW DEAD PEOPLE, LIFE IS TERRIBLE. But in the one section where shit is not going down, a little Spanish girl drew this hilarious dog making the Spanish equivalent of a "quack" sound. I had to re-create this magnificent creature.  
During our weekly Dungeons & Dragons meeting, I had to explain to one of my cohorts the difference between a hornet and wasp. Wasps have these weird long abdomens like sticks, what the heck. Hornets are just mean. 
A sadly unfinished marker piece of a Teapotmoth. He is so pouncy. Like a kitten. With a teapot for a head. 
Gesture sketches of Zaphod, none of which that look like him. This is the same sketch that he helped with
It seems like the only thing I can draw when I'm upset or sad is maned wolves and slindragons. This one seems conflicted. The whole point of this piece was to practice feet and legs. So it makes sense to do a bunch of extra heads, right? 
On a slightly related note, I'm getting back into my fantasy story. Long story short I've been struggling through this thing since early in high school. I'm backtracking a bit and taking some more thoughtful steps instead of plowing mindlessly through. These pages of note-taking revolve around my closest character, Jerreith, whom I fondly refer to as Jerry. It's been a good solid 6 months or so since I've drawn a human-esque face, but I can still manage to get Jer's distinguished mug down. So frowny. 

I smell midterms in my immediate future, so bear with me as I scrounge up more material to post. 
Today is funny, 
all around me animals
are doing their thing. 
Seems appropriate
to immortalize their fun
...form of poetry.

stalking prey in the moonlight
avoid the tall grass. 


All alone
famous last words are 
"clever girl".

Are you OK, mom
that pencil is too heavy
I'll hold it for you.
Small hen in basket
sweetly perching, soft blankets
jealous dog watches.

Cinnamon rainbow
playfulness and elegance
this scarf is awesome.
You know that feeling...? When you think your whole life has been leading up to a false hope? 
I've been having one of those weeks. You can tell because I've been drawing maned wolves on everything. 

Bad feelings aside, would anyone like to buy some bees painted on rocks? (Or rocks with bees painted on them, whichever you prefer.) 
They are palm-sized and cute (and also bees). 
FIVE DOLLA' EACH, SEND EMAIL. ♥ They're painted with acrylics on river rocks that I have collected. They're also sprayed with a varnish to protect the paint. Also, bees. Fluffy, yellow, adorable bees. Need I say more?
You can write cute messages on the back, like "we're part of the same hive" or "honey is sweet, and you're right on up there on the sweet scale, too" or even "baby, you can be my drone". 
Sexy times. With bees. 
Alas, poor James, I knew thee well... Well enough to feed you a diseased cricket, at least.

Just calling to let you know my mini-garden isn't doing so hot. Octopus plant is moldy, Venus fly trap is anorexic, pitcher plant is... crispy. Everything else in the terrarium is doing hunky-dory. Wish I could say the same for my snails, too... they bit the dust as well. Didn't see it coming. Maybe someday I'll stumble upon more aquatic shelled creatures with a new sense of adventure. And hopefully a new tank for which to put them in. 

But I digress. 

I, on a recent trip to the thrift store, stumbled upon this solar-powered flower. (Gee, that's redundant!) It's the same little nick knack you see at street fairs along with a slew of other solar-powered dancing cute things, like waving lucky cats and pandas. The flower was calling to me. It said, "Hey. I dance in the sun. Get me out of this badly-lit thrift store." So I did. For two dollars. 
Now "Gunther" sits in the windowsill, dancing the days away, mocking my gardening failure in the cheeriest of fashions. He is happy to remind me that he is the only type of plant I am able to not murder. He is just so darn cute, though, I can't stay mad at him. 

In other news, SCHOOL. So posts will be a bit less frequent and a pinch more whiny. Hopefully not, though!