If you're like me, then you've heard about these newfangled boogeymen called SOPA and PIPA. I won't bore you to details about this, but I will tell you that it is bad news for bloggers, artists, writers, singers, YouTubians, and other people who use the Internet for their art, regardless of what it may be. 
As a blogger and a person who uses the Internet for art and online communities, I oppose SOPA. And PIPA. Which is way too cute a name for a bill. It sounds like the sound a tiny frog would make. Peepa! Peepa! Anyway... 
I'd like to pretend I'm blacking out my blog for the day as a protest, but since I'm a new blogger and no one reads my stuff yet, that would be pointless. Also, I don't know how. 
So there's that. 
Google has a good petition going, so I'll direct you there. 
Go get 'em, ferret cowboy! 
Here I go again! 
"Cowboys Have no Fear"
Remember that sketch I posted yesterday? Finished it, ladies and gentlemen. Mmm. Enjoy the badass cowboy ferret. 

Despite some obvious flaws I'm pretty happy with how it came out. For not having touched Painter in 4+ months I'm pretty jazzed about actually finishing a piece, regardless of its quality. 
And hey, it's a cowboy, you can't go wrong. 

I've been making the joke that the longer I paint cowboys, the more my subconscious wishes I'd move to Wyoming. I could be like Shreve, but instead of a coyote I'd have a crap-ton of ferrets, and instead of photography, I'd paint them all as cowboys. I'll make millions, I tell you

"Cowboys Never Cry"
My last cowboy was a sockeye salmon. Sockeye McGee. Despite my intense hatred for painting cowboy hats, this has become a trend. (I guess I like to torture myself or something.) The ferret's hat kind of looks like a fedora but OH WELL. I am over it already. 

Next up: moray eel. I say that but it'll probably be a heron or something. I am trying to avoid reptiles, because of that movie Rango. (Which was genuinely frightening and awesome, btw.) Leave an animal in the comments if you have a better idea. 

Oh. Cowboy hermit crab. 
Disregard that last statement about comments-- cowboy hermit crab here I come. 
Just try to stop me

I know what you're thinking. Whoah Maranda, another ferret? Am I going to have to guerrilla-bumper-sticker your car with ferret paraphernalia? 
... Because that's what my thought process would be. Anyway
Max, playing the roll of pillow seen left, is our new "addition". I utilize quotation marks because technically he just lives with us and our ferrets, but our friend is paying for all his stuff, so, like I said, technically. Call it fostering. 


Max is probably mostly deaf and is an adorable hooded silver. Probably about a year old. And all he wants to do is play. Zaphod and Calypso are downright tame compared to this little nut. 
His thought process: Hey, are we playing? No? We should fix that. What, you just scolded me? We should play. I can't hear a damn thing but I AM HAVING LOTS OF FUN, GUYS. 

In other news I am still writing (36k words, bitches) and trying to guilt myself into drawing more. I recently braved the leaf-pile of a folder that is my unfinished Painter documents and scrounged up this little gem. 
Ohh baby.
I am excited as shit to paint this you guys. I imagine it would be in the same vein of subject matter as the cowboy salmon. Despite my grudge against drawing cowboy hats, I'll probably have to turn this into a series. Next on the list of cowboy animals: moray eel. It's ok, you're excited, I understand. 
Check out that bottle-brush tail. He is one angry-ass cowboy ferret. Mmm. 

*Standard ferret markings and colors are the silliest things. "Mine's a hooded chocolate sable mitt, what's yours?" "Oh I've got a couple champagne blazes and dark-eyed-whites and a dark sable panda..."